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    The PTFE compensator (also known as the PTFE bellows compensator) compensates for the displacement and installation deviation of the thermal expansion and contraction in the piping system of the highly corrosive medium, and reduces the vibration of the piping system.

    PTFE compensator features: PTFE compensator has reliable operation and compact structure. It can resist the corrosion of various media and long service life.

    The role of the PTFE compensator:

    1. The PTFE compensator mainly compensates for the axial, lateral and angular cold and hot deformation of the absorption pipe.

    2. The PTFE compensator is mainly for expansion and contraction, which facilitates the installation and disassembly of the valve pipe.

    3. The PTFE compensator is mainly to absorb the vibration of the equipment and reduce the influence of equipment vibration on the pipeline.

    4. The PTFE compensator is mainly used to absorb the deformation of the pipeline caused by earthquakes and subsidence.

    The purpose of the PTFE compensator:

    Widely used in petroleum, chemical, machinery, refrigeration, construction, hydropower, nuclear power, cement, paper, textile, rubber, medicine, transportation, mining, metallurgy, urban central heating, ships, city gas, natural gas pipeline construction, central air conditioning, Aerospace and other industries.

PTFE compensatorPTFE compensator


PTFE compensator
PTFE compensator
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