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    Introduction to rubber compensator:

    Rubber compensator (also known as rubber expansion joint, rubber expansion joint, flexible rubber joint, shock absorber, pipeline shock absorber, shock absorber throat, soft joint), generally compensated by smooth waveform with rubber flanges at both ends The component consists of a metal flange. Metal flanges are often loosely constructed. The surface of the waveform compensating element is rubber, and the inner layer is a plurality of layers of strong fibers or steel strips (wires), and the reinforcing interlayer extends to the rubber flanges at both ends, and the flange has a hard steel wire skeleton.

    Rubber compensator product features

    1. This product can greatly reduce the vibration and noise of the pipeline system, and can fundamentally solve the problems of interface displacement, axial expansion and different degrees of heart of various pipelines.

    2, according to different materials can be made into acid, alkali, corrosion, oil, heat and other varieties, to adapt to a variety of media and the environment.

    3, the material is a polar rubber, good sealing, light weight, easy installation and maintenance, long service life, but avoid contact with sharp metal equipment, so as not to puncture the sphere.

    4. If the overhead is used, it can be equipped with elastic brackets. When installing, the bolts should be tightened diagonally.

    5. If the line pressure is too high, apply the limit bolts to connect the flanges at both ends.

    The rubber compensator (expander, expansion joint) can be designed according to the user's special requirements (corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, etc.).

    Technical Parameters

    Pressure: vacuum ~ 4.0MPa

    Temperature: -20 ° C ~ 200 ° C

    Round: DN50~DN5000

    Rectangle: any section

Rubber compensatorRubber compensator


Rubber compensator
Rubber compensator
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