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    Single sphere rubber compensator

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    Single sphere rubber compensator

    product description:

    The single-sphere rubber compensator utilizes the elastic sliding displacement of the rubber and the heat transfer function of the deformed mechanical force to effectively eliminate the physical damage of the displacement of the pump, the valve and the pipe itself. Mainly utilizes the unique properties of rubber, such as high elasticity, high air tightness, medium resistance and radiation resistance. It is compounded with high strength, cold and heat stability polyester cord obliquely, and then subjected to high pressure and high temperature molding. It is made of high density, can withstand high pressure, and has excellent elastic deformation effect. The product structure design has high arc surface and long curve, and has large multiple displacement functions. It is especially used in complex geological conditions, large settlement range and pipeline. It is an ideal environmentally friendly product to reduce vibration and noise transmission because it is a poorly conductive material, so it is a good environmentally friendly product for reducing vibration and noise transmission. The product is designed to be smooth and has been tested. The flow rate, flow rate has no effect, and will never rust, basically can avoid maintenance during the effective operation period.

    Application range:

    Due to the good comprehensive performance of the single-sphere rubber compensator, it is mainly used for the lifting and conveying of raw water and sewage. Water supply and cooling circulating water in thermal power plants; metallurgical industry, condensate; pipeline transportation of chemical substances in the chemical industry; cooling, dilution in the petrochemical industry and flexible connections between long and short pipelines in other industries. Because rubber has high wear resistance, it is also suitable for low temperature transportation of granular, powder and vapor in all industries.


Single sphere rubber compensator
Single sphere rubber compensator
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